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Organic MycoNutri Products

Although many of the components used in the MycoNutri products have always been organic the concentrated extracts were not. Finally after extensive development work over the last few months MycoNutri are delighted to announce that most of the extracts are now organically certified too (as well as being maltodextrin-free and in many cases more concentrated!) and as a result most products of the MycoNutri range are now organically certified.

Products that not becoming organic are:

  • Antrodia (organic raw material not available)
  • Mesima (correct species not available with organic certification)
  • Red Yeast Rice Complex (organic Red Yeast Rice and Coenzyme Q10 not available)
  • Reishi-Curcumin Complex (organic non-mushroom raw materials not available)

Due to the increased cost of the organic extracts (coupled with last year's fall in the value of sterling) there have had to be some price increases but these have been kept to the minimum possible in keeping with MycoNutri's dual commitment to quality and affordability (the powder prices have stayed the same but the quantity is now 200g) and in most cases will be more than offset by the increased efficacy of the new products.

The one product where a significant price increase is unavoidable is Reishi and because this is such an important mushroom MycoNutri have decided to continue offering a non-organic product alongside the new organic version.

There is also still a non-organic Cordyceps as the new organic Cordyceps militaris extract has a lower cordycepin concentration than the non-organic one.

There have also been changes to the formulations of three of the products:

  • Lion’s Mane – Now includes a concentrated dual extract with high levels of diterpenes alongside the fruiting body and mycelial biomass to enhance the concentration of these key components.
  • IS Complex – Vitamin C rich freeze-dried organic Acerola has replaced the non-organic food-state vitamin C and polyphenol-rich organic Matcha green tea has replaced the non-organic green tea extract.
  • Reishi-Cordyceps Complex – Now includes Ashwagandha KSM-66 extract with 5% withanolides alongside the Corydyceps and Reishi dual-extract to further reinforce the Energy/Lung/Kidney/Adrenal/Immune/Mind supporting properties of this powderful combination.

Where there is an organic MycoNutri version available we have decided to discontinue the organic mycelial biomass products we have offered previously as these are not as strong as the MycoNutri versions and therefore less beneficial.

We are committed to supporting our customers with the best mushroom supplements available and welcome comments and suggestions which can be addressed to: